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Ohh and the girl’s back!

If this is your first time stopping by my name is Mikara Reid. Hey, y’all! Yes!

So we’re gonna get right on into it.

Our topic today in this video will be: How do you define confidence?

Yes. I’m seriously asking this question because the girls have been asking

The girls have been asking, the girls been stumbling across me, and I get this question a lot regardless if you are on the side of just trying to revamp your personal style, or if you are a garment maker, fashion micro seller, cuz that’s the type of people that I work with, as far as developing their brand.

Confidence is definitely a big part and I-I want to definitely dive into it just a little bit just, you know, kind of just asking yourself these objective questions so how do you define confidence?

From, my interpretation of confidence it’s definitely just being sure of yourself and your capabilities.

You know your limits, your weaknesses, your trials, your area, your trials, your errors.

You just know you’re inside and out, and you’re just not of well I don’t want to say not afraid but you just know how you work in certain conditions.

And you know how to make the appropriate move, so that confidence definitely just exudes when you’re doing certain stuff because you know you’re strong at this because you’ve been through something similar to this, or you’re already…you’re doing this again so that confidence is actually showing you you’re stretching your capabilities on the second go-round or something similar to that go round.

So, it’s probably why I-I get asked a lot you know you would you just…girl I’ve out here in these streets, okaaay.

Back in my young days, in my 20s, child you couldn’t tell me nothing…shout out to my parents but um yeah I just was never afraid to fail.

I crazy enough have like a very um athletic mind state so you tell no or I don’t know

I’m just always in a competitive mind state of yesterday’s version of me, maybe last week’s version of me, maybe last year’s version of me, like I keep tabs of myself.

I’m always self-studying myself.

I’m always on a self-study mode of myself.

I’m making sure that I’m better than you know the yesterday’s me, or last year’s me because if I’m still at the same place as I was last year like I feel like a failure.

That’s something that I do internally, and I know a lot of people just don’t even ask themselves these simple questions of like how do you define confidence.

That’s something I’ve been doing especially with my styling clients, my personal styling clients, that’s like a vetting question I ask like what on it on a rate one to ten how do you rate your confidence?

When you walk into a room with strangers, or when you walk into a room when you had prepared for a negotiation how do you rate your confidence?

Is it a one? Is it a five? Is it a ten? Ten ten being the highest, like where’s your confidence level?

So and as far as you know working with emerging fashion brand labels how confident are you about starting in this company?

Or how confident are you to re-reconstruct this new direction that you want to go in?

So that’s definitely a question and all around it’s not just with the fashion people but I definitely think that certain people definitely need to gain that getting that definition back especially with the world opening back up cuz whew child.

Yeah! Up here up north in New Jersey/New York, the world’s businesses are back open to 100%.

I think I read about New York lifting the mask thing, so your confidence will definitely be a new type of thing that I definitely will be pushing, especially since we’ve been all been a recluse.

Where I don’t some people just don’t even it’s…no, scratch that.

A lot of people was kind of just not comfortable with conversation because due to the fact that they were able to hide behind screens of Instagram, or TikTok, or Facebook, or whatever the social media thing is, it was able to hide but now since this pandemic happen and it’s been over 18 months.

A lot of people just don’t really know how to hold a conversation, it’s crazy.

So I’m gonna definitely give you guys a nice a nice little homework.

I hope y’all I hope you oooh let’s get these earrings!

Okay for the girls.

All right! So, your confidence-boosting homework that I’m gonna give you, yes I said it, I’m giving you homework.



I’m a confident woman I want I want my followers, I want my clients, I want everybody that’s around me, in my community, to have some type of extension of what I breathe.

I mean, come on.

I’m out here, I’m entertaining y’all, y’all definitely gonna get an extension of me.

So the homework I’m gonna give y’all to to just just amp it up a little bit.

I mean come on just meet me a little bit just a little bit.

So the homework is what I want you to look in the mirror at yourself, turn your phone off, or on airplane mode.

That’s definitely like one thing that I tell all of my clients because I’m not a phone person.

Turn your phone off, turn everything off, I want everything to be silent, I want you to look yourself in the mirror, and ladies if you can look at yourself naked in the mirror, that’d be amazing, because a lot of people cannot look at themselves like completely naked.

And I want you to say to yourself “What do I see in myself?”

And I want you to note everything that you see in yourself.

How do you perceive yourself?

So when I look in the mirror I say what do I see in the mirror?

I see an amazing woman. I see a woman that can take accountability. I see a woman who still has a stubborn streak, I’m definitely stubborn.

I see a woman who’s a true introvert, and very selective of who could come in. I’m a woman who still scorns at certain situations.

It’s just a whole list of things that I’m able to just see, but thankfully I have a therapi- I have a couple of therapists, that’s just been wheeling me out but I definitely provide them questions so they can challenge me, because I’m really just trying to work through it all but the confidence thing for you guys is definitely something you guys can on, you guys can definitely like unravel and peel it.

It’ll be very therapeutic.

Don’t think it’s gonna take just one night, like it’s not like oh I just did it for one night, no no no no no no.

You really gotta like examine yourself on each scenario that you that you do.

Like it took a while for me to notice that I actually take accountability, and I’m willing to, and when I do fucked up on something I’m I’m able to say okay well what are we doing moving forward?

I’m not just stuck on the same situation versus a lot of people.

They don’t they don’t even want to acknowledge it.

That’s a whole other thing, but…that is your homework that I’m gonna definitely give y’all, and I hope y’all follow through.

If y’all do definitely drop definitely drop a comment and say, girl I tried it, I tried it, I’m feeling good.

I want to hear some feedback.

All right.

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