BUILDING YOUR FASHION BRAND (powered by LC Apparel Consulting x MiKARA REID)

Do you ever find yourself getting frustrated about where to start with your fashion brand? If you do, you’re not alone. Social media has made it look so easy and convenient to have one but there’s actually a lot that goes into it. In this workshop, Build Your Fashion Brand, you’ll have 3 experts break down what you need to know to be more confident in your fashion brand.

About This workshop:

  • Fashion Bag by LC Apparel x Mikara
  • Food & Drinks — Mimosas /Infused Selections
  • $3,000 + worth of knowledge and game about branding, creative direction, design production, fabric sourcing, pricing, intellectual property for fashion creative and trademarking.

About The Speakers

Lenese Bio: Designer Lenese Calleea, known to the world as the Fashion Fairy Godmother, is on a journey…Despite being 30 years young, Lenese Calleea has accumulated 2 decades of expertise in fashion, design, and garment creation. Calleea has evolved from a young skilled seamstress and adolescent entrepreneur, to an industry expert, consultant, and budding Creative mogul. Calleea also lends her knowledge to the next generation of designers via services and courses which cover the life of design from production to pricing. Calleea also hosts New York Garment District tours, operates an independent fashion consulting business, and continues to be a resource to designers at varying degrees of the journey. Calleea is an advocate for education, unity, and inclusion for Black Creatives, in fashion.

Mikara Reid, owner/personal fashion stylist of MIIEN Consultancy and brand appearance consultant, has 14 + years of extensive styling, branding & creative directing experience. Her creative eye communicates what a client wants to articulate through their wardrobe or campaign by using the right message for their targeted consumer. Mikara has worked with: Louis Vuitton, The RealReal, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NYC, Miss USA 2016, Telemundo Miami, EXPRESS, BRAVO’S Project Runway et al.

In Mikara’s portion of the workshop, she will be your expert on defining your brand, finding your brand voice, identifying your ideal customer, visual presentation for your brand, and advertising to your ideal customer. You can learn more about her at

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