Do you want to start a successful fashion brand? This masterclass will give you the industry knowledge and business acumen to build your brand through:

  • Fashion production basics
  • Branding
  • Hands-on activities, exercises and personalized advice
  • Panelists who’ve worked with celebrities and run their successful fashion companies.

During the first half of the session, Mikara Reid, a strategic brand coach and creative director, will give you the basics of the brand and what makes you you. This will set the tone for identifying everything else in your brand for long term development. In the second half of the session, designer and production director Lenese Calleea will show you the in’s & out’s with design production, fabric sourcing, and pricing.

At the end of Building Your Fashion Brand Masterclass, you will have resources and insight on:

  • Starting a brand development plan
  • Insight from other successful fashion brands and experts.
  • Making your brand more appealing to your targeted audience
  • Going through the process of making your garment to final fit.
  • Fashion bag curated by Mikara Reid & Lenese


Ticket price: $500 in-person

Virtual: $250 [ CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE ]

Meet your instructors:

Mikara Reid is a creative director and strategic brand coach for fashion brands who are ready to bring their ideas to impact. As a brand coach, she provides a roadmap for independent designers to go from creative to sales. During the 12 years with luxury brands, she has gained deep insights into how well-known labels earn success in the fashion industry. In addition to Mikara’s business acumen, she brings the creative eye crucial in taking a brand from idea to impact in a chosen market.

You can check out more of Mikara Reid’s fashion concepts, coaching and consulting on & personalized fashion styling on

Designer Lenese Calleea, known to the world as the Fashion Fairy Godmother, is on a journey…Despite being 30 years young, Lenese Calleea has accumulated 2 decades of expertise in fashion, design, and garment creation. Calleea has evolved from a young skilled seamstress and adolescent entrepreneur, to an industry expert, consultant, and budding Creative mogul. Calleea also lends her knowledge to the next generation of designers via services and courses which cover the life of design from production to pricing. Calleea also hosts New York Garment District tours, operates an independent fashion consulting business, and continues to be a resource to designers at varying degrees of the journey. Calleea is an advocate for education, unity, and inclusion for Black Creatives, in fashion.